¿No hablas Español?
No problem!

myAmigos removes language barriers for travellers and expats by putting a bilingual friend in their pocket.

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We're here for you

We understand you

We understand what you’re facing  in Spain. We can help with your residency,  doctor, bank, kid’s school, hairdresser…
Whatever is important to you.

We Connect you

We connect you to a friendly bilingual interpreter over video chat who provides reassurance as well as translation skills.

We Help you

We help you save time, money, and stress by removing any language or cultural barriers that are getting in your way.

how it works

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Discuss your goal

First let your amigo know what you want out of the conversation.
Your amigo is an interpreter and your advocate.
If there’s something you’re worried about let them know, so they can address any concerns you have.

Watch Michael (our CEO) discuss his goal with
Carla (our Mejor Amiga) the first time ever
myAmigos was used.

Help in Person

We can help you at the doctor’s, the foreigner’s office…
You don’t have to limit yourself to English speaking real estate agents any more!
We can also help when the plumber or the internet technician comes to your house.

Watch Carla help Michael at his health centre.
You can feel the relief from here!

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Help with Forms

Isn’t it frustrating when Google Translate can only translate half the site or doesn’t recognise there’s text in your document?
Does the robot’s translation sound odd to you?
Do you want someone to check your Spanish before you submit?

Let our amigos reassure you and help you read and complete forms online or on paper.

Carla helps Michael navigate the social security website.

Help over the phone

For me phone calls in Spanish are the worst!
If you dread them too, let our amigos help.
They can be on a video call with you and call someone for you.

Watch Carla call the vaccination hotline with Michael.
The best news is thanks to Carla and myAmigos, Michael had his vaccination appointments within the week.

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