How we can help you have a feliz navidad

Here at myAmigos we love to help you with whatever is important to you. Our mission is to save you time, money, and stress and help your life in Spain feel more secure, safe, easier and more fun! Now often that means we help in times of trouble or crisis, like talking with a plumber, or important things that must be done, but aren’t exactly fun, like getting your residency paperwork. But we can help you with more fun things too.

In Australia, when I did the Christmas shopping, it was fun thinking of what people would want and easy to talk to shop assistants to find the perfect gift. Now it took up some time, a lot of money, and could be stressful, no doubt, but it was easy enough to find what you wanted so in the end it was alright. Here in Spain seeing the lovely lights, and the events, and new traditions are certainly fun, but shopping takes up more time, and is more stressful, and could be costing you more than if you could talk to shop assistants as easily as you did back home.

That’s where we come in!

If your Spanish isn’t good enough to ask for a recommendation, or (if you’re like me) it is just good enough to ask, but not to understand the answers and the follow up questions, why not have a myAmigos in your pocket to do the talking with you? Of course our Amigos also know a lot about Spain and may be able to help you find the right shop to begin with. Whether it’s finding ingredients for your feast, the perfect Spanish gift for a loved one, or having a more meaningful conversation with your neighbours, friends, colleagues, or people who have helped you during this season when we reflect on the connections we have made, we would love to help. So if you’re finding planning Christmas celebrations harder, or more stressful because of language barriers, book a request with us. We will make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy all the wonderful things about the festive season here in Spain.

And if we don’t see you before then, feliz navidad to you and yours, from all of us here at myAmigos.

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