5 Compelling Reasons Why My Spanish Friends are Better Than Yours!

Don’t get me wrong I am sure your friends are lovely and I mean them no disrespect.

Before I started myAmigos, I relied on my real friends when I ran into a language barrier that I needed help with. (Some of those people are now amig@s here with us, including Carla who you may have sen on our videos helping me get my vaccinations.) So I get it if you think when you meet a hard barrier then turning to your own bilingual friends is a great solution. It is! But (and I know I’m biased) here are 5 reasons why I think myAmigos is even better.

1. Fully Bilingual

Sometimes the friends who did me favours in the beginning, didn’t quite understand my English and because they almost did, the problems didn’t arise until later. On the other hand, sometimes my friends that had come from an English-speaking background and had been here longer than me, thought their Spanish was soooo much better than mine and kindly offered to help. Then I’d have to listen to them struggle with the details of the conversation and them saying “repetir despacio por favor” nearly as often as I would have. Sound familiar? I guarantee you myAmigos don’t have that problem. They are all native Spanish speakers and/or trained Spanish teachers. I have personally had conversations with all of them in my broad Australian accent, asking them tricky questions in English and I can only occasionally trip them up when I use an Australian colloquialism (to be fair this happens a lot with my friends from the UK and North America as well!).

2. Understand Your Needs

All of our amig@s understand the frustrations and delights of living overseas and the reasons why you may need help with a specific conversation. For example, most of them have either dealt with the foreigners’ office themselves or have helped many others to do so. Most of them have lived in countries where their native language was not the most widely spoken language and have dealt with culture shock. We will offer ongoing training to our amig@s to make sure that they keep on top of the issues you are most likely to face. One of the reasons we ask you to book a request in advance is to find the amig@ who is most likely to have the knowledge you need for the request (the more information you submit in the request the better our match can be.

3. It is Not an Imposition

With your real friends, in a new place, you can start to feel like you are doing all of the taking and none of the giving in a relationship. You may not want to ask your friends for yet another favour. You may not want to admit that your Spanish isn’t getting better fast enough to deal with the tax office (or whoever) yet! With our amig@s, you don’t have to worry about any of that. They are all friendly people who genuinely love helping you (just like your real friends), but they are getting rewarded for it as well, because they are being paid for their time. So all of the assistance you need, none of the guilt, and no debt owed to your real friends (who will be impressed that your Spanish is good enough now to deal with the tax office – shhh! We won’t tell!).

4. Privacy

Speaking of not telling your real friends anything, this is another reason why our amig@s are better than your friends. There are certain things that it is easier to share with strangers. Strangers who take your privacy very seriously. Also within the app, you can control your camera and your microphone if you wish to keep confidential things even more secure. Whether it’s medical, financial, relationship or any other sensitive information that you would rather not have your real friends know all the details of, our amig@s ensure that you get the reassurance and language support you need without any of the awkwardness that disclosing that information to a real friend might entail. Our amig@s are all trusted professionals and we all take steps to ensure that we can be relied upon to keep your information confidential.

5. Reliability

Our amig@s can be relied upon in other ways too. For our amig@s helping you is a pleasure, but it also provides them with some income. This means that, unlike with your real friends, something is not going to come up at the last minute. Of course our amig@s have emergencies and lives too, but with a team available we will be able to help you if we have confirmed a booking. Because our assistance happens over video chat within the app, our amig@s don’t have to deal with traffic, or parking, or getting lost in order to be there. And our video chat technology is built on the Daily backbone because of its reliability, so the technology can be relied upon too (If you’re interested I’ll get Pablo our Chief Technology Officer to explain this in detail to you – I just know that’s why we chose them).

Not Convinced?

Look, your friends are wonderful people – and one of the reasons why living here in Spain is awesome. I get it. But, when it comes to removing language barriers for you I would love to show that myAmigos are better. If you Sign Up today and join our user panel, it is COMPLETELY FREE for you to find out for yourself. If it isn’t, then please email me and I will keep working on myAmigos until it is. Together, we’ll make your time in Spain safer, easier, and more fun!

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2 Responses

  1. Having lots of trouble in covid times getting Clave@ and from this changing my address and mobile number on the Tgss system. Have now sent over 30 emails to them with various bits of paper.

  2. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the comment.
    I feel your frustration.
    Dealing with government processes is never fun in any language or in any country! But it is even worse when you’re doing it alone and in a second language. (some) Things became (somewhat) easier for me when I got my certificado digital, which seems to me to be more useful than the cl@ve which was easier for me to get, but I don’t use. With the digital certificate I can do many more things online with more time to decipher the Spanish, or the hash job that Google Translate makes of it – or if it’s important to me, I now book a call with myAmigos and one of my friends helps me navigate the web-site and tells me how to fill in the forms etc.
    I am going to write a guide on how to get your digital certificate soon and send it to our user panel. This will be the first of many guides we will share with them as a thank you for their support. There are still some FREE packages left if you think we can help.
    Nos vemos,

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